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Shandong Gaotang Thermal Power Plant

Shandong Gaotang Thermal Power Plant was established in 1994 (formerly Gaotang Power Plant, which was established in 1958). It has two branches in the north and south and an industrial park. It covers an area of 805 acres, has 560 employees, and has a total asset value of 7.5. 100 million yuan; mainly engaged in power generation, heating, cement building materials, etc.

The subsidiary Guangming Gong Mould Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the casting and forging processing of die steel products. The Guangming Artificial Board Factory is mainly engaged in high (medium) density boards. The thermoelectric building material factory uses thermal power plant fly ash to produce cement. It is a comprehensive resource utilization project. Strong market competitiveness. Gaotang Thermal Power Plant takes advantage of its "thermoelectricity" energy advantage, forming an "multi-industry development, outstanding characteristics" industrial structure and "both the main and auxiliary, the advantages complement each other" business advantages, economic efficiency continues to improve.


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Gaotang Thermal Power Plant is the only local public thermal power plant in Gaotang County, with a total installed capacity of 80MW, an annual power generation capacity of 560 million kW·h, and a heating capacity of 280t/h; it has 264 thermal users, including 17 industrial thermal users and heating users 247, with a heating area of ​​2 million m2; built a complete heating and power supply system and supporting facilities, the heating pipe network covers the entire urban area, the circulating water central heating pipe network has a trunk length of 40,000 meters, and a branch line length of 26,000 meters; industrial steam The length of the pipe network is more than 30,000 meters, which is responsible for the heating of industrial enterprises and central heating in the county. It is an important energy-based enterprise for local economic development.

In recent years, thermal power plants have strengthened the competitiveness of enterprises, strengthened the strength of enterprises, improved the overall competitiveness of enterprises, and continuously improved the management level of enterprises. Gaotang Thermal Power Plant is a “safe and civilized production that meets the standard” of the Ministry of Electric Power, a “first-class advanced management power enterprise” in Shandong Province, and a “standard discharge unit” for provincial industrial pollution sources.

The company has been awarded "Advanced Energy-Saving Enterprise of Shandong Province" by the provincial government for consecutive years, and has been awarded the honors of "Liaocheng Star Enterprise" and "Liaocheng Advanced Enterprise" for several consecutive years.



Gaotang Thermal Power Plant Heating Company

Gaotang Thermal Power Plant Heating Company is affiliated to Shandong Gaotang Thermal Power Plant. It has more than 60 employees. It is the management service department of central heating and industrial heat in Gaotang County. The heating company has nearly 30 years of experience in heating installation and management. Now it has a 40km main network of urban circulating water central heating system and more than 20km of branch pipe network; nearly 30km of steam heating pipe network in industrial enterprises; and 264 heat users Among them, there are 17 industrial heat users, 247 heating users, and a central heating area of ​​1.8 million m2, which is responsible for the industrial heating of the county and the central heating of the city.

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In recent years, under the guidance of thermal power plant leaders, heating companies have made great progress in various aspects of heating management, installation and service. The company has established a systematic heating charge system and perfected the user's heating license management system. In 2010, the heating company completed the reform of circulating water central heating through the urban "steam to water" project, and achieved good energy-saving benefits. In 2014, the company will further establish a heating network monitoring and remote transmission system to improve heating management.

On the basis of strengthening internal management, enhancing service awareness, and implementing service commitments, the heating company will adhere to the service concept of "integrity service, warm home", and work on heating projects with a "scientific, rigorous, pragmatic and efficient" work style. , Do a good job in heating service, strive for first-class performance, create first-class service, establish a first-class image, and make your own contribution to building a prosperous, harmonious and civilized new Gaotang.

Address: No. 505, Jincheng East Road, Gaotang County Postcode: 252800

Heating service hotline: 3901010 User complaint phone: 15163559911.




Gaotang Thermal Power Plant Glass Products Branch

Gaotang Thermal Power Plant Glass Products Branch was founded in 2002. It has 42 employees and 4 technicians. The company specializes in the production of tempered glass for automobiles. It has built two advanced tempered glass production lines to produce various types of glazes for automobiles and agricultural vehicles. In recent years, the company has won a good market with high-quality products and services and a good reputation. It has been well received and praised by customers. The products are sold to Shandong, Jiangsu, Hebei and other places. It is a large enterprise such as Jiangsu Zongshen and Shandong Shifeng. One of the main supporting manufacturers.


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We will serve you wholeheartedly with first-class equipment, first-class technology, first-class products, and first-class reputation, and provide multiple varieties and high-quality glass products for common development and win-win cooperation.

Business address: North Head of Guandao Street, Gaotang County, Shandong Province (in the courtyard of the thermal power plant)

Postcode: 252800 Tel: 0635-3963008

Contact: Xin Jinhong 13969543622




Gaotang Guangming Hotel

Guangming Hotel belongs to Gaotang Thermal Power Plant and is a medium-sized hotel with catering as its main focus. The hotel is located in the center of Gaotang County, the "Hometown of Chinese Painting and Calligraphy Art", close to Tianqi Temple Mall, Ginza Shopping Plaza and Jincheng Cultural Plaza. It has a beautiful environment, convenient transportation and shopping, and a superior geographical location.


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The hotel now has 29 private rooms with unique style, luxurious decoration and elegant environment, a zero-point hall, a medium-sized banquet hall and a large banquet hall. It can receive large-scale weddings, conference banquets, birthday celebrations, friends gatherings and other banquets; it can accommodate 800 people for dinner at the same time. The hotel has two large parking lots with more than 100 parking spaces.

All employees of Guangming Hotel adhere to the concept of "welcome guests with kindness and invite guests with low profits". With high-quality and dedicated service, delicious and affordable meals, every guest will feel at home!

Address: No. 511, Jincheng East Road, Gaotang County, Shandong Province

Postcode: 252800

Meal Reservation Tel: 0635-3953072 13563003136

Contact: Sun Haibin




Gaotang County Thermal Power Building Material Factory

Gaotang County Thermal Power Building Material Factory was established in April 2001. There are more than 60 employees and 4 million yuan in fixed assets. Building Material Factory is a subsidiary of Shandong Gaotang Thermal Power Plant, and it is a state-owned branch with independent management and independent accounting. The building material factory is approved by the original Shandong Provincial Building Materials Industry Bureau for construction, and is a supporting cement grinding station for consuming fly ash produced by heating boilers of thermal power plants. It belongs to a comprehensive resource utilization enterprise. Since the building materials factory was put into production, it has consumed a lot of fly ash to produce fly ash cement, and has made active contributions to reducing the pollution control burden of thermal power plants, reducing the footprint of sewage, and improving the surrounding environment. It has achieved good economic and environmental benefits.

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Since its establishment, the thermoelectric building material factory has firmly established the tenet of "quality first, reputation first", adhering to the business philosophy of "quality is life, reputation is the guarantee, and the customer is God". Relying on the resource advantages and policy advantages of the thermal power plant, the technology Advantages, location advantages, good use of resources, and service construction have made the building material factory achieve good development and have also made positive contributions to local economic development.

Address: North Head of Guandao Street, Gaotang County

Postcode: 252800

Contact: Wang Dahai 13906353023

Wu Jinguo 13806353237

Telephone Fax: 0635-3963010


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