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Dear friends from all walks of life, colleagues in the industry:

  Welcome to visit the website of Shandong Guangminggong Mould Manufacturing Co., Ltd., walk into "Guangminggongdie" with you, understand "Guangminggongdie", and share the joy of enterprise development together.

Since its establishment, Shandong Guangminggong Mould Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has been adhering to the business philosophy of "taking quality as the core and improving with customers as the pursuit", and adheres to the service tenet of "striving for excellence, customer first, quality first, reputation first". With a consistent and solid working style, accurate professional technology level, and the goal of achieving double improvement of economic and social benefits, all employees are diligent and dedicated, and work hard to make Guangming molds into a smelting, casting, electroslag heavy A metal material supplier integrating melting, forging, machining and heat treatment. The company's products are sold to more than 20 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions, and exported to Southeast Asia, India, the Middle East, Europe, South America and other countries and regions.

  Carefully crafted, we are down to earth; with the world in mind, we are aspiring. Based in Shandong, serving the whole country. Facing the future, we have only one goal: to build an excellent brand in the metal materials industry with integrity and quality through our own strength and contribution to society.

   Chunhuaqiushi, don't forget the nourishment of Ganlin Yulu; drink water to think about the source, not forget the hard work of those who dig wells. Thanks to all friends and partners who have helped in the development process of Guangming Tooling. Thank you to the new and old employees who have been accompanying the company's growth. It is everyone's inseparability that has made Guangming Tooling growing stronger today. We are willing to make progress with the times, grow with employees, develop with customers, go hand in hand, and win the future together!

   Difficulties and hopes exist, opportunities and challenges coexist. We are convinced that the increasingly mature bright tooling will move forward at a more steady pace, with a sense of urgency and timelessness. Adhering to the concept of integrity and openness, our company is willing to work together with you to create a more brilliant future.

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